Collect Rent Online ACH Service For Landlords

  • "Totally Convenient"
  • $4 per transaction. Paid by tenant or landlord
  • Autopay available

How It Works

  • 1 Tenant makes a payment in our Tenant Payment Center
  • 2 The funds clear the return window
  • 3 LeaseRunner forwards the funds to the landlord

Rent Collection Features

  • The transaction fee can be paid either by the landlord or the tenant.
  • Each of your properties can have a different bank account.
  • Your tenant can chose between Manual ACH or Autopay ACH options.
  • All roommates can pay rent electronically.
  • Autopay available on any day of the month.
Email Notifications - LeaseRunner notifies you by email when your tenant...
  • Signs up with Tenant Payment Center
  • Makes a payment
  • Cancels a payment
  • Enables/disables Autopay
  • Changes bank information
  • Bounces a payment

More Details

  • If a payment bounces, LeaseRunner sends you and the renter a notification on the fourth business day.
  • Funds are available in the landlord’s account on the fifth business day after the tenant makes a payment.
  • For security, LeaseRunner authenticates the tenant’s bank information. Allow 2 business days for the tenant’s account setup.
  • There is no monthly minimum. It’s simply only $4 per transaction whether you do one or 10.
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