Tenant Screening + Online Leasing Made Easy No Monthly Fees Perfect For Small Landlords, Agents, and Property Managers

Tenant Screening

  • Tenant Credit Check
  • Tenant Background Check
LeaseRunner Tenant Screening Learn More

Rental Application

  • Free Rental Application Form
  • Optional Tenant Screening
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Lease Agreement

  • State Specific Rental Agreements
  • Paperless with E-signature
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Renters Insurance

  • Online Application
  • Nationwide Coverage
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Rent Collection

  • ACH Online Rent Collection
  • For Small Landlords
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Rental Listing

  • Rental Ad Tools
  • Apply Now Button
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About LR

LeaseRunner is for Landlords

Why LeaseRunner?

Best Tenant Screening

The most tenant screening choices and flexibility in the industry

  • Mix and match credit, criminal, eviction, and cash report
  • Screen for pre-qualification first, then screen for criminal background check
  • Choose who pays the screening fee, applicant or landlord
  • Instant authorization process and report delivery
LeaseRunner Rental ads
LeaseRunner Rental ads

Online Rental Application

Mobile-optimized process your applicants expect

  • Over 60% of applicants apply using their smartphone
  • Applicants’ personal information remains secure
  • Applicants’ SSN is only accessible to the credit bureaus

State-Specific Leases

Best value on your lease documents

  • Comprehensive library of lease documents for your state
  • Lease documents are updated yearly
  • Save hundreds of dollars and hours of re-search every year
LeaseRunner Rental ads
LeaseRunner Rental ads

E-Signature Leases

E-sign lease documents

  • Our lease templates automatically populate with your lease terms and your tenant’s data
  • Send your lease within minutes
  • E-sign it from anywhere across the world

ACH Rent Collection

Reduce rent payment delinquency

  • Online rent payments with electronic receipts
  • Easy setup for landlords and tenants
  • Autopay option on any day of the month
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Customer service on call

Call us if you need to discuss what LeaseRunner can offer at (303) 325-3665 or email us at help@leaserunner.com.

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Individual Reviews

  • Great customer service!

    I’ve been using Leaserunner for almost 10 years now. I like the fact that the tenant can do part of the application for free and then later if we both decide to move forward they can do the backgrou…

    Jun 24, 2021
    Lori K.
  • Made my life easier and saved me some money

    I used LeaseRunner for the first time and loved it. The background check parts were super simple and put the work on the renter's lap. I did stumble a bit with directions for the lease part, but a lov…

    May 29, 2021
    Diane D.
  • Leasing docs easy

    Thanks to lease runner for preparation of lease documents. It took away the worry of having all the legal criteria. How awesome.…

    Mar 2, 2021
    John T.
  • Quick Screening

    Love the website - easy to navigate and simple screening background checks for prospective tenants - will use again -…

    Jan 31, 2021
    Dr. Esther D.
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