Free Rental Listing Ads With APPLY NOW Link

  • Would you like your perspective tenants to apply directly from your listing ad? Well, keep on reading!
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How It Works

  • 1 Create an account and complete our LIST form
  • 2 LeaseRunner will create an ad for posting and a custom APPLY NOW link or button
  • 3 Post your ad, include your apply now link or button on your website.

Screen Tenants From Your Rental Ads

Our LIST tool will help you create an APPLY NOW link for each unit you advertise. Your prospective renters can complete the rental application and authorize their tenant screening reports directly from the ad where they found your rental. Great for competitive rental markets!

How Your Prospective Tenants Apply
  • The APPLY NOW link or button will ask your applicant for their name and email address.
  • LeaseRunner sends a rental application form with a unique URL to the rental applicant.
  • Applicant completes the rental application, authorizes the tenant screening services (if any), and pays the screening fee (if any).
  • Landlord is emailed when the application and screening reports are ready for review.
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