Bed bug infestations are problematic around the country, and landlords everywhere need to be proactive in controlling the spread of bed bugs. For landlords of properties other than single family residences in Arizona, there are some requirements about informing and controlling for bed bugs. Tenants in these properties also have obligations to help fight the spread of bed bugs, and LeaseRunner’s Arizona Bedbug Addendum outlines the responsibilities of both parties. Again, these obligations pertain only to properties that are not single-family residences.

These obligations pertain only to properties that are not single-family residences.

Landlord Obligations

The landlord’s first obligation is to not knowingly rent out a unit that is known to be infested with bedbugs. If you suspect that unit is infested with bedbugs it’s important that you have a qualified pest inspector determine if you have an infestation and treat the infestation. The landlord’s second obligation is to provide some educational materials about bedbugs to existing and new tenants. Examples of materials that may be provided:

  • A description of measures that may be taken to prevent and control bedbugs.
  • Information about bedbugs, including a description of their appearance.
  • A description of behaviors that are risk factors for attracting bedbugs such as purchasing renovated mattresses, using discarded mattresses and furniture, using used or leased furniture, purchasing pre-owned clothing and traveling without proper precautions.
  • Information provided by the United States centers for disease control and prevention and other federal, state or local health agencies.
  • Information provided by federal, state or local housing agencies.
  • Information provided by nonprofit housing organizations.
  • Information developed by the landlord.

LeaseRunner’s Arizona Bedbug Addendum includes bedbug talking points from the Arizona Department of Health Services along with a link to the talking points on the department’s website. Another excellent resource included in the Arizona Bedbug Addendum is a link to bedbug information on the Centers for Disease Control’s website.

Tenant Obligations

The tenant has two obligations related to bedbugs as well, and they are pretty simple. The first is to not knowingly move materials into a dwelling unit that are infested with bedbugs. The talking points provide some excellent ideas for how to avoid the spread of bedbugs, including careful inspection of any used furniture or clothing items brought into the home, and an inspection of all luggage that is brought back into the home. The second obligation of the tenant is to inform the landlord, with either a written or electronic notification, about the presence of bedbugs, should they appear. Bedbug infestations can be contained if they are detected early and eradicated quickly.