When it comes to making modifications to the rental unit there is a special provision in the Connecticut statutes that allows a tenant to implement energy conservation measures that may require some type of alterations to the premises. The tenant is allowed to make such modifications, at no cost to the landlord. Energy conservation measures can be implemented in the premises or in any other part of the building which affects the tenant’s level of energy consumption.

In order to implement energy conservation measures the tenant (or whoever is hired to administer or install the conservation or weatherization program) must give written notice to the landlord by certified mail, return receipt requested. The requested measures can be implemented unless the landlord provides a written notice of disapproval, also by certified mail, return receipt requested, within twenty days of the notice given to the landlord. Landlord’s consent is not required for the installation of removable weatherstripping around doors and windows, removable interior storm windows and insulation wrap around hot water heating tanks.