In addition to basic maintenance obligations of the tenant, the landlord can also impose a set of rules and regulations to be followed by the tenant. Typically this list of rules and regulations is included in the rental agreement, or listed in a separate addendum to the rental agreement. In either case, the rules will outline what may be considered “house rules”, and could include rules to remain in compliance with a condo association or a homeowners’ association. And while it’s fair game to have such a set of rules, the landlord cannot change the rules without advanced notice to the tenant, and any rule change that changes the bargain of the rental agreement is not allowed unless the tenant agrees to the change in writing.

Some other considerations regarding rules and regulations in order for them to be valid and enforceable:

  • Their purpose must be to promote the convenience, safety, or welfare of the tenants in the premises, preserve the landlord's property from abuse, or fairly distribute the services and facilities for the tenants.
  • The rule must be reasonably related to the purpose for which it is adopted.
  • The rule must apply to all tenants.
  • The rule must be specific enough and understandable so that all tenants can comply.
  • The rule does not allow the landlord to evade his responsibilities.
  • The rules are known at the beginning of the tenancy, or when it is adopted.