Louisiana landlord tenant law is different in many ways from most other states that have adopted the Uniform Residential Landlord & Tenant Act. This includes the implied warranty of habitability. Whereas in many states the tenant can withhold rent for lack of essential services such as water, heat, or air conditioning, this is not the case in Louisiana.

In addition, while Louisiana landlords must make sure that their rental is habitable, the condition of the property can be less than ideal but still rentable if the tenant agrees in writing to the substandard conditions. An example would be a weak floor that needs to be reinforced. As long as the tenant acknowledges the safety risk the landlord is not considered liable for any injuries caused by the floor issue which was disclosed.

Where this can help both the landlord and the tenant is if the known issue can be avoided by the tenant for a period of time while the landlord has it repaired, or depending on the availability of housing in the area, the landlord and tenant can strike a deal that works for both parties, perhaps a rent concession if the tenant accepts the risk of the substandard condition.