Landlords and tenants have mutual responsibilities when it comes to caring for the rental property. A landlord will be obligated to comply with keeping a rental property in a “safe and habitable condition” but will also have some specific obligations depending on the laws in that state. The tenant will similarly have some basic obligations that to most observers are common sense or implied, but we will outline them here.

Landlord's Responsibilities

In Michigan the landlord does not have a list of specific maintenance responsibilities assigned to them through the statute. Instead, the landlord must warrant that the premises and all common areas are fit for human habitation. In addition, the landlord must keep the premises in reasonable repair during the agreement term, and must comply with the applicable health and safety laws of Michigan and of the local government where the premises is located. Of course, any disrepair or violation of the applicable health or safety laws that has been caused by the tenant is not considered the fault of the landlord.

Tenant's Responsibilities

The tenant has certain responsibilities regarding how they conduct themselves on the premises and how they take care with the property and any appliances or other features offered for their use (e.g. appliances). The tenant is instructed not to destroy, deface, damage, impair or remove any part of the premises or the surrounding property, nor permit any person under their direction or control to do so. In addition, the tenant must:

  1. comply with all obligations imposed upon tenants by applicable provisions of all municipal, county, and state codes, statutes, ordinances, and regulations;
  2. keep the premises clean, sanitary, and in good condition;
  3. notify the landlord immediately of any defects, maintenance issues, or dangerous conditions of which the tenant becomes aware;
  4. be responsible for cleaning and routine maintenance;
  5. dispose promptly of all rubbish, garbage and other waste; and
  6. properly use and operate any electrical, gas and plumbing fixtures and keep them as clean and sanitary as their conditions permit.