Nevada has a handful of rules that a landlord will want to be aware of, yet they don’t fit into a specific category of the lease agreement.

Notice about a pending foreclosure

While it is not necessary to include a notice about a pending foreclosure in the lease agreement, landlords in Nevada must disclose in writing to a prospective tenant if the property to be leased or rented is the subject of any foreclosure proceedings (N.R.S. 118A.275). Willfully violating this requirement is considered a deceptive trade practice.

Right to display the American flag

Nevada lease agreements must contain language that states that the landlord cannot prohibit the tenant from displaying a flag of the United States. The landlord can, however, adopt rules that reasonably restrict the placement and manner of the display of the flag of the United States by the tenant.

Nuisance rule

Nevada has a nuisance rule that must be summarized in the lease agreement. The nuisance law states that anyone committing a nuisance or allowing a nuisance to be committed or continued is in violation of the nuisance law. Violations of this law are considered a misdemeanor.