Not all landlord-tenant arrangements end as originally planned, and sometimes a tenant will ask or be asked to move out prior to the termination date in the rental agreement. Having a lease terminate early is not always a bad thing. Sometimes a landlord’s best option is to have a tenant move out early and start over with a new tenant. New York allows for a short list of reasons for terminating a rental agreement early by either the landlord or the tenant.

Termination by landlord

  • Tenant or their guests fail to comply with any term of the rental agreement.
  • Tenant misrepresents any material fact on their rental application.
  • Tenant or any occupant uses the premises for any illegal trade, manufacture, or other business, per U.C.C. Law § 231.

Termination by tenant

  • The premises is damaged or destroyed by fire or casualty to the extent that normal use and occupancy is substantially impaired, per U.C.C. Law § 227.
  • Tenant is 62 years or older and elects to terminate the rental agreement, per U.C.C. Law § 227-a or 227-b. Section 227-a allows a senior citizen to terminate a residential lease for purposes of moving in with a family member or to enter an elder care or other health care facility.
  • Tenant is a victim of domestic violence, per U.C.C. Law § 227-c.