All landlords in New York. New York is the only State that requires a notice about the presence of a working sprinkler system in the rental premises. This requirement may stem from the fact that the rental history of New York state began with rental properties in large cities, such as New York City, which have a predominance of multi-story apartment buildings.

Per U.C.C. Law § 231-a(1), all rental agreements, regardless of the type of property, must include a conspicuous notice in bold face type regarding the existence or non-existence of a maintained and operative sprinkler system in the premises. A “sprinkler system” means a system of piping and appurtenances designed and installed in accordance with generally accepted standards so that heat from a fire will automatically cause water to be discharged over the fire area to extinguish it or prevent its further spread. Furthermore, if there is a maintained and working sprinkler system in the premises, the rental agreement must provide additional notice as to the last date of maintenance and inspection of the system.