As a landlord you may have to send out official notices to your tenant during the course of a tenancy. States will require certain notices that are part of the process for everything from raising rent, terminating a tenancy, or informing of a tenant of a need to access the unit for repairs. Take a look at some of the important required notices for North Dakota landlords.

Notice to quit

A landlord must provide a notice to not renew a lease agreement at least one month prior to the end of the agreement term. Since it is a notice to quit, the tenant has the same one month notice obligation if they plan to move out at the end of the term.

Notice to increase rent

A landlord may change the rental amount or other agreement terms for a tenancy subsequent to the agreement term, but not without providing a written 30 days notice to the tenant.

Notice to terminate rental agreement

If the tenant violates any term of the lease agreement and the landlord intends to terminate the rental agreement, a three-day written notice must be provided to the tenant.

Notice for landlord access to unit

There is no required notice when the reason for entry is an emergency, but for all other reasons for entry the notice period must be “reasonable”. Since reasonable to one person may be different for another, a good starting point is 48 hours notice as a courtesy to the tenant. A time certain must be provided for the entry, and consent to enter is presumed if the tenant does not respond to the notice in a reasonable amount of time.