Every lease agreement will have an end date, stated if it’s a fixed term lease and implied if it’s a month-to-month lease. There may be times, however, when a lease needs to be terminated early. Both the landlord and tenant have certain rights to early termination which are outlined in the rental agreement.

Early Termination by Landlord

  1. Tenant, guests or invitees fail to comply with any term of the rental agreement;
  2. tenant misrepresents any material fact on their rental application;
  3. noncompliance by tenant regarding stated maintenance responsibilities and which materially affects health and safety, and the tenant fails to comply after written notice by landlord;
  4. tenant, any person in tenant’s household, or any person on the premises with the consent of tenant previously has or presently is engaged in a violation of a law concerning a controlled substance; and
  5. tenant violates an obligation regarding sex offenders under section 23 or R.C. 5321.051.

Early Termination by Tenant

  1. The premises is damaged or destroyed by fire or casualty (other than by the wrongful or negligent acts of tenant) to the extent that normal use and occupancy is substantially impaired; and
  2. landlord makes a lawful entry in an unreasonable manner, or makes repeated demands for entry otherwise lawful that have the effect of harassing the tenant (R.C. 5321.04).