Oklahoma landlord tenant law has two important disclosures that must be made to prospective or new tenants. Disclosure of prior methamphetamine production must be disclosed before signing a new rental agreement, and disclosure of prior flooding on the property must be included in a new rental agreement.

Oklahoma has a provision in the law that requires disclosure by landlords of properties that have been previously used for methamphetamine production. 41 O.S. § 118(C). states that prior to the start of a rental agreement, if a landlord knows that the dwelling unit or any part of the premises was used in the manufacture of methamphetamine, the landlord must disclose this information to a prospective tenant. There is an exception for levels of contamination below a certain threshold, which can be found in the statute.

The flooding disclosure can be found in 41 O.S. § 133(a), and states that if the premises has been flooded within the past five years and the landlord is aware of the past flooding, the landlord must include information about the flooding prominently and in writing as part of any written rental agreements. If during the tenancy the premises is affected by flooding, and the landlord failed to provide the required disclosure at the beginning of the lease term, the tenant is entitled to sue the landlord in a court of appropriate jurisdiction and recover the personal property damages sustained by tenant from flooding of the premises.