There will be times when you need to access a tenant’s unit to make a repair or in case of emergency, and the tenant cannot unreasonably withhold access for repairs, maintenance, or to show the property to prospective purchasers. The landlord, of course, can also not use the right to access to harass the tenant. In Washington state the landlord has a right to access the unit with certain notices in some cases. In the event of an emergency, or when it is just impracticable to do so, you may enter the unit without providing notice. However, for other cases you must provide reasonable notice.

General Maintenance, Repairs

The landlord must give the tenant at least two days’ written notice of his intent to enter and must enter only at reasonable times. The notice must state the exact time and date or dates of entry or specify a period of time when the entry will occur, in which case the notice must specify the earliest and latest possible times of entry. The notice must also specify the telephone number where the tenant can call to object to or confirm the time and date.

Showings for Buyers/Tenants

The landlord is required to give at least one days’ notice of his intent to enter the unit to show the unit to prospective or actual purchasers or tenants. Of course, the landlord must not unreasonably interfere with the tenant’s enjoyment of the unit with excessive showings.