The landlord’s right to entry is important, as it allows the landlord appropriate access to check on the rental, perform repairs, and show the unit. Of course, emergencies are another story altogether, but keep in mind that there is a procedure that must be followed for gaining entry to a rental in Wisconsin.

Permitted reasons for entry and advance notice

Landlords must provide at least a 12 hour notice period before entering the tenant’s residence for a permitted purpose. Permitted purposes include to inspect the premises, to make repairs, or for showings to prospective tenants or purchasers. The amount of time that a landlord can be in the premises for any of the permitted purposes must be reasonable.

Exceptions, and announcing entry

Of course, two major exceptions to the 12-hour prior notice rule for landlords is in case of a health or safety emergency, and if the tenant is absent from the premises and the landlord has good reason to believe that immediate entry is required to protect the premises from damage. Another exception is if the tenant, being aware of the need for entry, provides consent to an alternative time or requests something different.

No matter what the reason for entry, the landlord must announce his entry to the unit. Knocking on the door or ringing the doorbell is sufficient. A landlord must also identify himself to anyone present in the unit upon request.