Sometimes the old adage “the devil is in the details” is true when it comes to the business of property management. A landlord has many responsibilities, and staying on top of a variety of required notices is part of the necessary detail work of being a landlord. Failure to supply a required notice within the legally established time frame could cost you as a landlord, so make sure to review all of the notice requirements.

Security Deposits

The landlord has 30 days after the termination of the rental agreement to deliver or mail the balance of the deposit, along with an itemized list of deductions from the deposit and the reasons for any deductions, to the tenant. If the tenant has supplied a new mailing address to the landlord the time frame is reduced to 15 days after receipt of the new mailing address, but in any case the later of the 30 or 15 days is what applies. One other caveat is that if there is damage to the premises, the time frame is 30 days. The tenant has 30 days after termination of the rental agreement to notify the landlord of where payment and notice may be made or mailed.

Non-refundable security deposit

If a landlord makes any portion of a security deposit nonrefundable that fact must be written into the rental agreement. In addition, the landlord must provide a written notice to the tenant as to the nonrefundable portion of the deposit at the time a security deposit is accepted by the landlord.

Rent changes

While Wyoming does not specify a time frame for giving notice about rent changes, the recommended time frame is 30 days, and this is what is included in LeaseRunner’s Wyoming Lease Agreement.

Notices prior to making entry

When the landlord will needs to enter the unit for an emergency, no notice period is required. But when the entry is for maintenance, repairs, or due to a request of the tenant, the landlord should provide reasonable notice, such as 24 hours notice of the entry. In the case of an extended absence where the landlord has been informed of the absence, the landlord can enter without notice for inspection, maintenance, or repairs.

Termination for nonpayment of rent or violation of renter’s duties

A landlord can file for an eviction of a tenant once rent is three days or more late and after giving the tenant at least three days’ notice. An eviction can also be filed if the tenant is in violation of the required maintenance obligations as outlined in the rental agreement and in accordance with the statutes Wyo. Stat. § 1‑21‑1204 or 1‑21‑1205. In any of these cases a landlord can file an unconditional quit notice to terminate the rental agreement.