Tenant Credit Check Credit Report with Public Records

  • Does my applicant pay her bills on time?
  • $23 per applicant
  • Paid by applicant or by landlord
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How It Works

  • 1 Create an account and email a request
  • 2 Applicant authorizes screening from email
  • 3 LeaseRunner notifies you when it's done

This process does not impact your applicant's credit score. It's a soft inquiry!

What You Need

  • Applicant's Name (first & last)
  • Applicant's Email Address

That's it! LeaseRunner takes care of the rest.

What's Included

Most comprehensive nationwide consumer credit information available on more than 300,000,000 rental applicants.

Identifying Information & Public Records
  • Applicants name and current address
  • Previous addresses with source
  • Date of birth
  • Employer's name and address with source and time frame
  • Previous employer's name and address with source and time frame
  • Alternate names
  • Phone numbers used
  • Fraud prevention summary
  • Reporting court's name and number
  • Book and page number of record
  • Filing date, status change date
  • Amount and type of public record
  • Plaintiff's name
  • Compliance condition code
Credit Information
  • VantageScore 3.0
  • Full credit report
  • Creditor's name
  • Type and terms of the credit accounts
  • Open, balance, and last payment dates
  • Original amount and current balance
  • Payment amount and status
  • Account condition
  • Payment history (current or past due)
  • Bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossession
  • Liability and asset amounts for bankruptcy
  • Collections, charge-offs
  • Credit limit
  • Highest balance
  • Inquiries

About VantageScore 3.0

VantageScore 3.0 provides enhanced performance over traditional risk models for prospective tenants and consistent risk assessment of their creditworthiness across multiple credit bureau platforms. It scores additional 30 million rental applicants even with minimal credit history.

More Details

Our credit report is not just a summary

You may have seen many tenant screening services that offer just a credit summary (credit score and recommendation), a summary of accounts, or just the credit report without the credit score. LeaseRunner provides you with the full credit report with account details. The credit data is supplied from Experian. Unless you tell us otherwise, we tend to think that our credit check is one of the easiest to interpret in the tenant screening industry. See sample.

Tenant’s easy authorization

Your applicants authorize the release of their credit report electronically from their email. Their identity gets automatically verified so you know that they are not trying to impersonate someone else’s identity. Learn more about our tenant screening process.

The Comprehensive Credit Report Tailored for Landlords

While most credit reports clearly show the renter’s intention to pay your rent (the historic trends of your applicant paying off his creditors), they don’t indicate the actual ability to pay your rent. We show you an Income-to-Rent ratio with our credit report that includes the total monthly payment your applicant is making on a monthly basis to his creditors. Quickly, you will be able to judge whether your applicant will be able to make ends meet including paying your rent. The income is self-reported by the applicant but you can always verify the income using our Payroll Verification & Cash Flow Report.

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