Tenant Screening Services For Landlords and Agents

Background Check

  • $17 per applicant
  • Nationwide criminal records
  • Enhanced record matching
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  • $14 per applicant
  • Nationwide eviction search
  • Includes judgment amount
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Payroll Verification
& Cash Flow Report

  • $10 per applicant
  • Payroll, expenses, bank data
  • 90 days of financial history
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  • $23 per applicant
  • Credit & public records
  • SSN verified
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LeaseRunner Is The Best Tenant Screening Service

  • Never pay a monthly or annual fee
  • No site visit
  • Largest selection of screening services
  • Advanced applicant record matching
  • 36 mil eviction records
  • Easy-to-read screening reports
  • Screen directly from a listing ad or website
  • Mobile optimized rental application
  • APPLY NOW buttons and links
  • SSL encryption
  • Credit, court, government, and bank data
  • 300 mil credit records
  • 5400 bank integrations (98%)
  • 500 million criminal records
  • FCRA compliant
  • Flexible to your leasing process
  • Open 24/7/365
  • Live help when you need it
  • State-specific lease documents
  • ACH rent collection

Screening Details

Screening reports tailored to you

Mix and match any of our four online background check reports for any prospect based on your preferences, local rental market, or your ideal renter’s profile. Pick only the reports that you need; we can help you select the screening reports that are right for you. We will notify you when the reports are ready. Our complimentary electronic rental application is always available when you need it.

Billing is super flexible

All of our online tenant screening services can be paid either by the applicant or you. That means if the applicant pays for the tenant screening service, the use of LeaseRunner is free to the landlord. LeaseRunner only charges for services that have been delivered to you. So, if your prospective renter changes her mind and never authorizes the screening, there is no charge!

Applicants authorize screening from their inbox in minutes

Your applicants can authorize the release of their credit, financial, eviction, and criminal records online from their email. No need to create an account with LeaseRunner or come to LeaseRunner.com at all. All tenant screening “paperwork” comes directly to their inbox immediately after you initiate the request and it’s ready for your review immediately after it’s been authorized and paid for. In addition, it’s a good way for the tenant to check her own credit score.

How long does it take?

All our services are available to the landlord immediately after the tenant screening was electronically authorized by the applicant and a payment was processed. LeaseRunner will notify you by email to review the completed tenant screening in your secure LeaseRunner account.

Secure & FCRA compliant

We spend a great deal of effort maintaining and enhancing our security and compliance. All data is SSL encrypted and PCI compliant.

Get started in minutes

Since there is no required physical inspection of your business premises, you can open your LeaseRunner account and send your first screening requests in minutes. Your LeaseRunner account doesn’t require extensive setup either! LeaseRunner is the most efficient and effective way to screen your prospective tenants.

Tenant Screening Resources

FCRA Compliance

  • LeaseRunner closely follows
  • FCRA rules, handles disputes,
  • and protects consumers'
  • information.
Click here to learn more

Tenant Screening Guide

  • Our tenant screening guide will
  • lead you step by step through
  • the process of finding the
  • perfect tenant.
Click here to learn more

Adverse Action Notice

  • Our quick guide addresses the
  • important steps of adverse
  • action notice.
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