Important Colorado Landlord - Tenant Laws

Colorado Application Fee

Just recently, Colorado legislature approved a law that property managers have to charge the same application fee to all applicants and provide an itemized receipt of what the fee includes. Additionally, this application fee has to be the cost of tenant screening services without any markup. 

Lease Violation Cure Period in Colorado

Since May 2019, tenants in Colorado now have a 10-day curing period for a non-payment of rent instead of a three day period per the old law. This means that you, the property manager or landlord, have to wait 10 days before posting an eviction notice and starting the eviction process.

Bed Bug Responsibilities

Since 2019, Colorado property managers are required to provide tenants with Bed Bug Addendum as part of their lease packet. This addendum is available in LeaseRunner as part of our standard state-specific lease templates. 

Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Colorado Rentals

Colorado landlords are required to provide an operational carbon monoxide alarm installed within 15 feet of the entrance to each room lawfully used for sleeping purposes. Batteries for the alarm must be provided by the landlord at the beginning of tenancy. Tenant is responsible for notifying the landlord in writing if the device is non-operational or missing.

LeaseRunner supplies Carbon Monoxide Addendum in our lease templates for no additional charge

Colorado Security Deposit Amount and Return

While there is no limit on how much security deposit landlords can collect in Colorado, most of them default to one month’s worth of rent. The landlord is responsible to return the security deposit in 30 days which could be extended to 60 days. If a landlord retains a portion of the security deposit, Statement of Damages must be provided along with the payment. 

Marijuana in Colorado Rentals

Whether Marijuana found on your premises is for medical or recreational purposes, you can simply enforce a “no smoking policy”. This includes tobacco and marijuana products. LeaseRunner’s Colorado Residential Lease prohibits the use of illegal drugs. LeaseRunner also provides a universal Marijuana Addendum document available for e-signature. 

Colorado Occupancy Limits

Each city or county has its own occupancy limits which can be found on the city’s or county’s website. The number of occupants cannot exceed the limit for 7 executive days on more than two occasions per month. If you, the landlord, are or should be aware of a violation of the occupancy limit, you can be fined.