All states have a legal procedure for evicting a tenant, and Louisiana is no exception. Wrongful evictions are not allowed in Louisiana. A wrongful eviction is a method of forcing a tenant to move by taking certain actions. Such actions could be locking the tenant out of the premises, putting the tenant’s possessions on the street, or in other ways removing the tenant from the premises without following proper legal procedure (aka “taking the law into your own hands”). Do yourself a favor as a landlord and educate yourself on the eviction procedures in Louisiana, and consult an attorney who handles evictions if you need help. And hopefully, you will never have to deal with an eviction!

At the same time, landlords in Louisiana can take possession of certain personal property belonging to the tenant to pay for back rent or other monies owed landlord. This is called landlord’s “privilege on tenant’s movables”, and the statutes pertaining to this unique provision in landlord tenant law in Louisiana can be found at La. C.C. § 2707 and La. C.C. § 2710.