Tenant’s Payroll Verification & Cash Flow Report Payroll, Expense, and Bank Verification

  • Can my applicant afford my rent and security deposit?
  • $10 per applicant
  • Paid by applicant or by landlord
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How It Works

  • 1 Create an account and email a request
  • 2 Applicant authorizes screening from email
  • 3 LeaseRunner notifies you when it's done

What You Need

  • Applicant's Name (first & last)
  • Applicant's Email Address

That's it! LeaseRunner takes care of the rest.

What's Included

  • Cash trends
  • Account Balance vs. Rent Amount graph
  • All bank accounts from one financial institution
  • Types of accounts
  • 3-Month Deposits vs. Withdrawals graph
  • 30-Day Deposits vs. Withdrawals graph
  • Deposit details (from)
  • Deposit dates
  • Deposit amounts
  • Deposit descriptions
  • Bank balance trends
  • 90-day average
  • Current balance
  • Available balance
  • Name on the account
  • Name of the financial institution
  • Last four digits of each account

More Details

Down to the nitty gritty

The Payroll Verification & Cash Flow Report is the kind of tenant screening you have always hoped to see. Renters don’t pay their rent with their credit (most of the time) and hardly ever are their rent payments reported to the credit bureau. Our Payroll Verification & Cash Flow Report will reveal the ability to pay your rent by examining the last three months of their banking history.

Cash is king

The bank balance on the report will reveal the cash balance maintained in the applicant’s bank account(s) along with cash flows so you can judge if your applicant can afford your rent. The report will provide you with detailed deposits so you can verify employment and monthly income. This is a perfect report for a tenant who doesn’t have any credit history or if you are on the fence about whether you should rent to him or not.

How is the financial data retrieved?

LeaseRunner utilizes an “Instant Account Verification” process where LeaseRunner is authorized by the prospective renter to obtain read-only data from the renter’s bank account. The authorization form requires the applicant to enter his online banking credentials confirming the identity of the applicant with his bank. The bank account data is returned instantaneously and formatted into an easy-to-read cash flow report.

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