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Tenant Background Check

  • $17 per applicant
  • Nationwide criminal records
  • Enhanced record matching
Tenant Background Check by LeaseRunner Learn More

Eviction Check

  • $14 per applicant
  • Nationwide eviction search
  • Includes judgment amount
LeaseRunner Eviction Check Learn More

Payroll Verification & Cash Flow Report

  • $10 per applicant
  • Payroll, expenses, bank data
  • 90 days of financial history
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About LR

LeaseRunner is for Landlords

Your renters will love the online application process!

There is something to be said about the convenience of your prospective tenant completing the rental application and tenant screening request online from their email. Your prospective tenants can simply apply from their smartphone. Yes, our application process is optimized for mobile use because 60% renters apply using their smartphone.

Your renter’s sensitive personal information remains secure and private. Their SSN is accessible only to the reporting agencies (Experian and CIC).

E-sign documents with your tenants miles away

Our lease templates will automatically populate with your tenant’s data and lease terms when you use our document builder tool. You will be able to send your lease for e-signature within minutes from finding the perfect tenant and e-sign it from anywhere across the world.

LeaseRunner has the most choices in the online tenant screening industry

LeaseRunner has four tenant screening reports for landlords, agents, and property managers to choose from: Credit Report, Criminal Report, Eviction Check and Payroll Verification & Cash Flow Report. Mix and match them based on your preferences. Wondering which screening reports are right for me? LeaseRunner can help guide your selection. Our criminal and eviction search is ALWAYS nationwide.

You choose who will pay for the screening directly to LeaseRunner. Whether you, or your applicant.

Allow your renters to pay your rent online

Today’s tenants enjoy paying all of their bills online, so why not give them the option of online rent payments? Logging in and paying rent is the new standard. Even better, they can rely on our Autopay option if they prefer to have LeaseRunner make the payment for them every month.

Best value for your buck on your lease agreement

LeaseRunner has a comprehensive library of lease documents for all states in the U.S. Gain instant complimentary access to all the documents you need. Save hundreds of dollars and hours of research.

Always comply with Fair Housing Act

Some landlords learn the hard way about complying with the Fair Housing Act. At LeaseRunner, we closely follow both Federal and State housing laws and adjust our processes and documents accordingly if changes come in effect.

Do you see the difference between LeaseRunner and other rental property management and tenant screening companies? Call us if you need to discuss what LeaseRunner can offer at (303) 325-3665. We’d love to hear from you!

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