Online Lease Agreement With E-signature

  • Professional Lease Agreements
  • Tailored to Each State's Laws
  • Customizable
  • $43 Per E-sign Lease Batch

How It Works

  • 1 Choose your lease templates
  • 2 Review your batch
  • 3 Send for e-signature

Yes, it's kind of fancy but easier than dealing with a Word document and a stuck printer.

Don’t worry, we have an easy-to-follow process for building your lease document batch and sending it for e-signature. Provided with all the document templates you need for your state, your lease batch will be populated with your property data, your lease terms, and your tenant’s information with just a couple of clicks. with your property data, your lease terms, and your tenant’s information with just a couple of clicks. You can have a lease out to your tenant in just a couple of minutes. You will be able to review and edit your input right before you send your lease for e-signature.

State-specific Lease Agreements

Available For All 50 States

LeaseRunner offers a library of state-specific lease document templates that are required in each state to begin tenancy. Every year, when law makers change or tweak tenant - landlord laws, we make changes to our documents accordingly after the legislature in that state closes the new law. This ensures that you present your tenants with the latest lease agreement drafted specifically for your state. And of course, if any provision does not meet your needs, you can always customize the text of our lease or create your own lease or an addendum

Click on a state for more information.

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LeaseRunner Features

  • No setup, monthly, or annual fees
  • Free access to state-specific leases and addendums
  • Unlimited signed document storage
  • Our templates are fully customizable
  • Build (or copy and paste) your own documents for e-signature
  • Only pay for the leases you e-sign

It’s like your blank rental agreement magically populates with your tenant’s and property data. It’s slick! The rental agreement itself is free. You only pay $43 if signed electronically.

About E-Signature Leases

E-signature Leases Are Legal In All 50 States

  • Multiple documents, multiple tenants, one $43 fee
  • Cosigner workflow and Cosigner Agreement available
  • Each tenant e-signs from their email in consecutive order
  • The property manager signs last
  • Track document status and its progress
  • Send reminder to e-sign
  • Signed copy is emailed to each party

17 Points Every Good Lease Should Address

  • Lease term
  • Rent due date
  • Security deposit amount
  • Timing of return of security deposit
  • Utilities allocation
  • Notice to quit
  • Tenant holdover
  • Landlord's maintenance responsibilities
  • Tenant’s maintenance responsibilities
  • Abandonment
  • Use of premises/ rules & regulations
  • Personal property
  • Landlord's right to access
  • Assignment and sublease
  • Grounds for termination
  • Insurance
  • Attorneys fees and costs

Tenants Love It, Too!

  • They can read and understand the rules of their tenancy from the comfort of their home and e-sign it on the go.
  • Until executed, you can always cancel the batch and make changes to the terms without being charged.
  • When executed, LeaseRunner emails a copy to each tenant, cosigner (if any), and the property manager. One copy is also saved in your LeaseRunner account.

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